How to have a low-priced trip in Bangkok (Part 2)

How to have a low-priced trip in Bangkok (Part 2)
UPDATED: 26 Feb 2018 13 Views

If you get the opportunity to travel to Thailand, don't miss Bangkok - one of the most bustling cities in the country. In this article, we will suggest you top cheap things to do in Bangkok.

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Thursday (National Museums and Khao San Road)

To get a real taste of Thailand’s history, make your way over to the Bangkok National Museum which offers tours in English only on Thursdays. Home to a large collection of artifacts, this museum was first opened by King Rama V as a token of appreciation of all the gifts his father gave to him. Inside you will see Chinese weapons, precious stones, puppets and even Khon masks; drawing the line to Thailand’s rich history.

In the afternoon, to give yourself some excitement and celebrate at Khao San Road. This street is where East meets West where you can meet people and find yourself open to random conversations. A popular destination for backpackers, Khao San Road provides cheap food, cheap booze and …well a memorable night out.

Friday (Thai Massages and Chinatown)

Chinatown, Bangkok (via asiatravel)

Chances are during the last few days you’ve seen a Thai massage parlor or two. Experience a wonderful Thai massage in the country that created it. Not only is it physically beneficial, but you will leave feeling invigorated especially from all of the activity the last few days. There are places absolutely everywhere so just ask around and someone will point you in the right direction.

Insider Tip: If you want a decent massage, stay away from the sleazy red light district areas! While there are plenty of great massage parlors in Bangkok, there are also a few shady ones…if you know what I mean!

When your batteries are charged again, make your way to Chinatown. Packed full of street stalls and restaurants, this is an endless place to eat where you will you get to try as many different kinds of Chinese food as you can. Did someone say dim sum??

Saturday (Chatuchak Market)

If you like shopping or even if you hate shopping you need to visit Chatuchak Market. Only open on the weekends, this 27-acre space boasts 8,000 stalls making it one of the largest markets in the world. You will find everything imaginable here but make sure to grab a map before going to avoid getting lost for hours. There is a connecting park as well just note a lot of people flock there on the weekend. Honestly, you can send even the whole day here so we will let this one sit on its own.

Chatuchak Market (via homeiswherethebagis)

Sunday (Street Food and Rooftop Bars)

As you spend the morning slowly packing your bags and reminiscing about the blast you had the last few days, you’ll probably remember that you needed to buy a few last minute souvenirs or two (in case you haven’t bought enough at the Chatuchak Market). Do a quick stroll around your hotel and chances are you’ll find a vendor selling what you need. This is also a great time to finish off with some local street food (can we recommend some Pad Thai…mmm).

Insider Tip: Thip Samai Pad Thai is rumored to be the best Pad Thai joint in town. So go ahead and try it for yourself to see if it is worthy of the hype!

If you’ve been good and saved your money for the last few days, Sunday is the time to splurge. There are various rooftop bars to grab a drink. We recommend newly opened CHAR (Hotel Indigo), Octagon Bar; if on a budget. However, if you want to spend a little extra, Vertigo is also a good option.

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