Top interesting things you should not miss in Bangkok

Top interesting things you should not miss in Bangkok
UPDATED: 06 Feb 2018 323 Views

Bangkok is a destination you should not miss when traveling to Thailand. Among hundreds of interesting activities that the city offers, we suggest you the top things to do here.

>> Visiting Chiang Mai Warorot Market

Sleep in style and wake up with the best views

First things first, you need a place to stay in Bangkok. A hotel that is well located, near to all the tourist attractions, comfortable, and preferably with a scrumptious breakfast. Although, if you are looking for awesome things to do in Bangkok I would add to the list above a great view, a stylish room and art. It´s Bangkok, a unique experience in the city starts with a unique hotel.

Escape from the urban and chaotic Bangkok

When I say that I hated Bangkok, I was telling the truth. The traffic in the city is mad, some days the air pollution can make you dizzy, and the smell of Thai food can be surprisingly  strong. You will find yourself tired of haggling with taxi drivers and hopping for one stunning temple to another. When you feel that you had enough of the urban and chaotic Bangkok, is time to see another side of the city. It´s time to visit Bang Krachao, a unique attraction in Bangkok and still unknown for many travellers.

Most of Bangkok travel guides only mention Lumpini Park as the green escapade of the city, but actually Bang Krachao, an island in the middle of Chao Phraya River, is the green lung of Bangkok. A big part of the island remains preserved, with a few houses and cars, some local business and a park. The best way to get around is by bicycle, so prepare your comfy clothes and let´s go cycle. 

Cycling in Bang Krachao (via grandsukhumvithotel)

Surf is one of the cool things to do in Bangkok

Traditionally all the Bangkok travel guides will tell you to watch a Muay Thai Fight, and do it, it’s great! Although, as we are talking about cool things to do in Bangkok and unique experiences you can find in this amazing city, I will give you a different suggestion. When travelling to Bangkok go surfing! No, I’m not crazy, I’m only taking your holiday trip to Bangkok to a different and awesome level!

It’s no secret that Rob and I love water sports. While travelling in Bangkok we found a great way to fulfill our desire for adrenaline: we went surfing! And it turned out to be one of coolest things to do in Bangkok. The name is Flow House and there you can surf on a static wave, try your balance and surf moves, or just laugh yourself off with all the falls. From kids, to couples, to friends, everybody can have fun, you don’t need to be a surf expert. 

Discover delicious coffee and hidden places

Thailand produces a lot of coffee, and if you travel to the Northern part of the country you can visit hill tribes that produce organic coffee. But if Chiang Mai is not on your travel plans, you can satisfy your passion for coffee in Bangkok too. You can take your taste buds through a journey of heavenly coffee and discover hidden places in Bangkok. Cafes, restaurants and bars well decorated, with stylish crowd and speciality coffee.

Drink coffee in Bangkok (via flickr)

Gourmet food market

Thai food is delicious! But I totally understand when travellers tell us that after a week in Thailand they are tired of eating Pad Thai and fried rice, that’s normal! That´s why our list of cool things to do in Bangkok  includes food, but not only Thai food.

Bangkok has an enormous range of international restaurants, serving from French cuisine to Argentinean steaks. Tripadvisor is the best tool to find restaurants in Bangkok, if you are in doubt if a place is good or not, check the reviews on Tripadvisor. But it doesn´t work for Thai street food or small local eateries. So here is our first food advice, if you feel adventurous go and try everything from the streets. If it smells good, if it looks clean, eat!! 

However, if you are not confident enough for trying street food, we have you covered! One of the cool things to do in Bangkok is to go for a lunch or happy-hour/dinner at the commons market. It´s a mix of a gourmet food restaurants in an open space market. A mall where people get together to share food and good moments, such a unique thing to do in Bangkok.  

The crowd is a mix of expats and Thai. All the restaurants are gourmet, cooking with the best ingredients, fusion recipes, in a cool and modern atmosphere. You can try Thai dishes and also international menu as lobsters, pasta, french pastries and many more.

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