Visiting Chiang Mai Warorot Market

Visiting Chiang Mai Warorot Market
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Warorot market is a bustling market in Chiang Mai where you can discover a lot of interesting things about the life here. If you get the chance to travel to Chiang Mai, don't miss this market.

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Warorot Market is one of the places where lots of Thai locals do their own shopping, so expect to find the same or similar goods that you see at other Markets also sold here but cheaper and usually of better quality. You will also find a lot of goods here that you will not find in the tourist Markets like the Night Bazaar.

Warorot Market highlights

The second and third floors at Warorot Market are dedicated to clothing and everyday merchandise. Since the market targets mostly locals, you won’t find the kinds of handicrafts and souvenirs that you would normally find at the night bazaar or other crafts markets around town. Fashion is mostly casual wear, such as T-shirts, shorts and simple dresses.

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The prices here are much cheaper than at other touristy markets so if you need an extra pair of shorts or a T-shirt, Warorot Market is a good place to go. Compared to food and fashion, the merchandise section is not as interesting (unless you want an authentic Thai spatula). A wide range of cheap cosmetics and personal care products are also on sale, although the quality is probably questionable.

What to buy

You can buy almost anything at Warorot Market, a real mixed bag of everything. There are fresh/dried fruit - vegetables - flowers, butchery and bakery items, herbs, condiments, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewellry, lacquerware, silks, hemps, handicrafts, ceramics, wood carvings, beauty supplies, household appliances, electronic gadgets, sunglasses, watches, souvenirs, and fireworks, just to name a few.

Warorot market (via the cutlerychronicles)

All items are really cheap. If you want something, look around, it is probably there somewhere. There are lots of indoor and outdoor shops and stalls over several streets so be prepared to spend a bit of time and have a good look around.

Most people head to Warorot Market to browse its tantalising selection of food. Holidaymakers from Bangkok are particularly fond of the grilled northern-style sausage (sai oua), red and green chili dip (nam prik ong/nam prik noom) and crispy pork skin (cap moo) here. Grilled meats and ready-to-eat curries are also popular. Besides picking up savoury treats, the food section is quite a feast for the other senses as well. Stroll around and watch the action as it unfolds. Vendors chop up meat, stuff sausages, then arrange them on the grill. Or smell wafts of spice and all kinds of wonderful aromas as you wander from a giant caldron of sweet curries (kaeng hangle) to khao soi noodles to fried chili dips. The entire basement and part of the first floor are like huge open kitchens where you can see everything skillfully whipped up from scratch.

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