Mantra Restaurant in Pattaya

Mantra Restaurant in Pattaya
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Mantra restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy your meals when coming to Pattaya. It is a chic and stylish culinary experience unlike any other.

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It consistently ranks among the best restaurants in the city, with a comprehensive menu including Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Italian, charcoal grill and seafood specialities. Each cuisine has its own specialised staff and dedicated cooking island so rest assured none of the sections are last minute add-ons: watch the sushi chef skillfully slice sashimi as the pizza maker slides another base into the glowing brick oven. It’s the perfect choice for groups who each want to sample different dishes.


Located directly in front of Amari Orchid Hotel on Beach Road in North Pattaya, Mantra establishes its credentials before you have even stepped through the door: a glowing red sign in bold capitals, modish water feature and ornate entrance way hint at the level of sophistication found inside.

Shushi in the restaurant ( via Spillingthe Beans)

The bar area is decked out in an abundance of ornate lanterns and takes on the appearance of a boudoir. The scarlet and black colour scheme is tastefully employed throughout Mantra and as you walk into the high-ceilinged dining room the refined style of the place is clear to see. Dimly lit with gentle spotlights focused on table tops, the lighting does an excellent job of preserving intimacy despite the rather large dining area. For big groups there are some separated rooms at the far end of the restaurant but they lack the character of the central area.

What to eat

Choosing what to eat is rather difficult at Mantra Restaurant as there is so much on offer. The sushi and sashimi selection is the best you will find outside of a speciality sushi restaurant, including the assorted sushi, maki roll & sashimi, 16 piece set. The imported meat on offer is also varied, but meat-lovers should definitely consider the wagyu steak which is incredibly tender and very competitively priced. A bread basket is brought to each table with a range of freshly baked breads from the Italian bakery, with a tricolor loaf of spinach, plain white and cheese and tomato bread playfully designed in the style of the Italian flag.

The main course ( via Spilling the beans)

The music is a mix of down-tempo electronic music with gentle melodies that suits the ambiance perfectly and is played at a low volume that lends itself well to conversation. Another definite plus point for Mantra is their walk-in cellar that contains the most impressive wine list in Pattaya with of over 160 labels from all over the world.

Mantra Bar and Restaurant has worked hard on its stylish image and to maintain this standard there is a dress code in place that is strictly enforced. This means guests wearing flip-flops, shorts or singlets will probably be refused entry, just be sure to plan and dress accordingly. The restaurant is so large that reservations are not usually necessary, although their highly regarded Sunday brunch can sometimes fill to capacity so it is worth booking a table for peace of mind alone.

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