Strange Teppanyaki Ice Cream at Millennium Hilton

Strange Teppanyaki Ice Cream at Millennium Hilton
UPDATED: 21 Aug 2017 573 Views

The Lantern at Millennium Hilton Hotel, Bangkok offers many kinds of Teppanyaali ice-cream that you should not miss when coming here. Try it and you will be addicted to this special flavor.

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The Lantern is entirely dedicated to chocolate in its many forms and to ice cream as an art, not just a snack or a little casual treat. With a very high ceiling and comfortable sofas inside and outside on a river terrace, it can look a bit intimidating; and you can't help but wonder, is it going to be just a fancy and sophisticated ways to prepare what at the end will still just be... an expensive ice cream? On the first visit, the most tempting place to sit and enjoy the experience is of course around the teppanyaki counter, the way you would do in a Japanese restaurant, just to satisfy your curiosity. It will come as a reflief to find out the the teppanyaki is actually a frozen metal surface rather than a sizzling grill. Hanging above the counter, a dozen glass jars containing sugar and chocolate toppings are here to remind you that no meat is about to be cooked here.

Teppanyaali ice-cream

Teppanyaali ice-cream 

A wide range of ice-cream

When the menu is presented to you, the complexity of the mix can be confusing, so the best way is just to pick one of the three signature ice creams:

Frozen Sacher Ice Cream

Waffle basket, Grand Cru Maracaibo 65% ice cream, poached apricot, fudge brownie, Edelweiss ice cream, fresh raspberries, fresh whipping cream. You get the idea? No?

Warm Berries with Grand Cru Chocolate Ice Cream

 Edelweiss ice cream with chocolate terra, Elvesia chocolate ice cream with caramelized almonds, aged balsamic flavored berries, swiss meringues, caramelized almonds, orange snap. Not convinced yet?

Sticky Chewy Grand Cru Chocolate Ice Cream

Maracaibo Criolait ice cream with brownie, Maracaibo chocolate cheesecake cubes, Edelweiss chocolate ice cream, Marshmallow, Bourbon vanilla sauce, caramel sauce, caramelized hazelnut.

Teppanyaali ice-cream

Teppanyaali ice-cream 

A worth experience with chocolate

If you happen to know a bit about chocolate origins and qualities, you start to get the first clues that this isn't going to be just another fancy mix. But spas also have overly-complicated names for what ends up being just another way to massage you, so it's with great interest that we started to scrutinise and then admire the skilful way the ice cream sommelier (that's probably an appropriate way to call her) mixes the many ingredients on the frozen surface. It doesn't take very long and soon it's the moment of revelation... is the 260 baht just for show or is is going to be a blast?

The verdict is clear, this is no ordinary ice cream, it's something beyond anything we tried before, and we've tasted a lot. It's not so much about the Teppanyaki process itself, which is just a logical and practical way to efficiently mix the ingredients while keeping them at the right temperature. In fact you can even find teppan ice cream in local Thai markets nowadays. Here, it's all about the unique quality of the ingredients, the subtle proportions and the creative way they have been selected. Take another minute to look at the menu again and you will see. Even if you are no ice cream or chocolate connoisseur, this is a new experience and even those who are not big cake or sweet fans will enjoy this treat by the riverside. It's the kind of place you want to tell your friends about, and then come back with them.

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