Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort
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“Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort is a charming hideaway nestled in the heart of Chiang Mai.  Legendary stories combined with the history of the Charoenprathet road area, the location of the resort,  are the inspiration behind the birth of this beautiful gem.

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Rooms and Suites


Designed in 3 types of the Romantic Lanna Deluxe style and adorned with local handicrafts filled with charm and local distinctiveness, such as headboards and guestroom ornaments decorated with unique Lanna handwoven cloth. Murals reflect local art, with flowing cloud patterns applied to modern furnishings for an interesting and unique feel, and in some areas, floors decorated with vintage colonial-style tiles. All this combined with wooden and rattan furniture provide an air of harmony with nature.

Corner Suites

The headboards are beautifully designed with a combination of wooden engravings in multiple styles that are unique but complement each other.

The milled Lanna-style wood used in the decor and designs also reflect the simplicity and elegance of local knowledge, and the Lanna handwoven cloth decorating the guestroom walls helps to create a classic air of grace.

Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

Riverfront Colonial Suites

Have an even greater and more relaxing experience at the “House of Colonial” residence that offers a complete sense of privacy for a true retreat, peace, and relaxation. The Riverfront Colonial Suite offers 4 rooms in varying colonial styles, as well as a view of the river. The decor reflects the story of foreign merchants from Myanmar, China, India, and England arriving in Thailand approximately 100 years ago to do business and settle down in the local communities. Thai architecture during those times was therefore influenced by many nations and cultures, which is reflected through their building designs.


The resort's cool, hazy riverfront restaurant located next to the Ping River is decorated in an industrial vintage style, while maintaining the Lanna ambience and offering Thai and Lanna fusion cuisine as well as international cuisine and a rooftop wine bar for guests to sip on delicious wines and admire the beautiful 360-degree rooftop view.

Services and facilities

Lanna Rice Barn & Pool Bar

Service Hours: 9.00 hrs. - 19.00 hrs.
In addition to being beautiful and laden with distinct local identity, the “Barn” or “Rice Barn” in the antique Lanna style is constructed entirely from teak wood and also reflects historical Lanna lifestyle in its design. The basement has been renovated into a small Pool Bar with a wide range of drinks and allows guests to fully absorb the ambience of the giant rain tree. The barn can be adapted into A Small Function House for hosting small exhibitions, Lanna engagement ceremonies, or a private sit-down dinner for honeymooning couples to enjoy a unique and beautiful view with an air of romance.

Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

Na Nirand Romantic Boutique Resort

Na Nirand Spa

Release your emotions and relax your body in the contemporary Lanna-style spa, a compact 2 treatment room facility that also provides a warm, peaceful and natural ambience in the outdoor zone. En-suite bathrooms offer a sense of privacy and full convenience. Experience a massage style unique to the Na Nirand Spa with spa products from HARNN, the premium Thai brand that has achieved internationally recognized quality standards.

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